West Pitt Meadows

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Looking for some excellent farmland accompanied with a beautiful home. West Meadows is primarily homes with acreage and here you can find homes with successful running farms for a reasonable price. Currently you can find homes with acreages close to or on the water for under $3,000,000 approximately and occasionally you may find some homes on smaller typical residential sized lots for under $600,000 respectively.

More About West Pitt Meadows

West Meadows is primarily farmland which is owned by business owners and individuals who are using the land to live. There are not a lot of local schools or parks in the area and it doesn’t necessarily make the best place to raise a family unless of course you do not mind driving your children to school from here.

There are some very prosperous farms in this area. From Blueberry farms to honey farms there is a lot of potential. Being that Pitt Meadows Real Estate is located near two major transportation sources it is a great place farm and ship out whatever it is you decide to grow. Keep in mind that there are many different aspects to purchasing a farm in comparison to a regular detached home and you should most certainly seek professional assistance if you are not familiar with common potential issues that may arise when purchasing land such as this.

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