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Matsqui BC is located on the northern end of the Abbotsford city limit near the Fraser River. The area is beautiful with lush green trees and stunning mountain views. Many Matsqui residents own large parcels of land and own either a produce farm growing fruits, veggies or berries or they own cattle and/or horses. Abbotsford homes for sale in this area range in price, age and size but regardless of the variances the homes here are all very reasonably priced for what they are in comparison to the rest of the Lower Mainland.  For more information on any of these current Matsqui houses for sale in Abbotsford BC please call our award winning Sutton West Coast Estates agents at 778-929-4290 or fill out the contact form on any specific MLS real estate listing you find.

About Matsqui BC

In 1995 the District Municipality of Matsqui and Abbotsford officially merged to form the new City of Abbotsford. What was formerly called Matsqui is now considered Abbotsford West and Clearbrook. Today the Matsqui real estate market refers the historic Matsqui Prairie village and surrounding farm community near the Fraser River, from Sumas Mountain to the Mount Lehman-Bradner area.

Despite changes in its boundaries Matsqui Abbotsford is still a quiet safe area to raise a family. Many individuals who own property here often have a farm which the entire family will work on and will even employ others from around the area to work on their farms. The soil here is rich and yields great results and many local farmer markets are a popular destination for Abbotsford residents.

Abbotsford houses for sale in Matsqui generally feature acreages with some kind of farming potential. You will likely find Abbotsford land for sale anywhere from $500,000 up and over $1,000,000. There are very few parcels of land starting to get some small subdivision but not nearly as common as you will find in Central Abbotsford because most Matsqui land is designated and zoned for farm use. If you enjoy the small farm community feel but aren’t a farmer at heart you can also find smaller Abbotsford lots with beautiful homes ready for purchase – no work necessary! The quaint charm of Matsqui village homes is unique, unlike any other neighborhood in Abbotsford!

For young families in the area there is Matsqui Elementary School located at 33661 Elizabeth Avenue and Dasmesh Punjabi School at 5930 Riverside St. Abbotsford. There is also the Matsqui Village Park which is perfect for lots of play with washrooms, a ball field, a tennis court, BBQ stands, a playground and shelter.

If you’re into healthy outdoor activities for the whole family there is also the Matsqui Trail Regional Park. Here you can go fishing or take your dog on a long walk through the many access points located all over the park. The dyke trail stretches 7.1km long and passes through to the Douglas Taylor Park where there are steep sections and soft surfaces. There are also plenty of places to sit and enjoy a nice picnic near the Fraser River on a hot summer day with friends and family. You can choose from several picnic benches and tables spread out through the park.

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