Giving Back

Before becoming a Realtor®, Ryan Taylor spent many hours volunteering with youth at risk and helping the homeless. From years of experience of actually visiting and helping individuals on the streets, in person, Ryan has come to realize that not all homeless are drug addicts, alcoholics and criminals committing crimes to get their fix. Many have had unfortunate events in life which have left them with no choice, but to find shelter on the streets. Some homeless may have come from great homes with a good education, only to suffer a head injury and no longer be able to carry out day to day tasks or hold a proper job. Others may have a mental illness which hinders them from assimilating into cultural norms.

The West Coast Estates Team doesn’t just find you a perfect home or help you relocated to another. The team also helps homeless find refuge or a warm meal for those on the streets or are in desperate need. We all deserve shelter and a warm meal. This is not for publicity or to throw a big party. This is only to help make our communities a safer and more desirable place to live.

For every listing the team sells, a portion of the listing commission is given to local homeless charities of our clients choice. Some charities we recommend are The Salvation Army, Covenant House, Local Food Banks, and the Realtor® Blanket Drive.

For more details don’t hesitate to contact any member of the team and we would be delighted to help you.